Year: 2022
Area: 7,000 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Outlet Center
Location: Rod. dos Bandeirantes, Km 72 – Itupeva / SP
Opened in 2009, the outlet became an innovative model of shopping, with an open and ground-level concept. With a concentric implantation, the project reinforces its centrality and is marked by symmetry, providing a pleasant walk, which is received by large spans and well-planned local landscaping. The choice of metal structures and enclosures gave the complex a contemporary and bold appearance, which, combined with natural lighting, offers an innovative experience for visitors to the site.
Since its opening, the Outlet Premium Grande São Paulo has become a successful shopping mall and, in 2023, will receive its largest expansion of stores. Despite the expansion, the project will maintain its main characteristics, with emphasis on comfortable walking through the corridors with a view of many stores, making it easier to locate them.

With the intention of taking advantage of the land, subtle level differences were worked out along the walk for better implantation, providing experiences like walking on public sidewalks under marquees and gardens.

Beyond shopping, Outlet Premium São Paulo offers leisure and entertainment spaces for all ages, such as the Kids’ Space, Pet Park, Ornamental Lake, and Boulevard with a water plaza. These spaces reinforce the character of the enterprise as a place for experiences, where people can enjoy moments of leisure and entertainment in a pleasant environment.
The landscaping of the site is another highlight, with a careful design that values local species and provides a more natural environment for visitors.

The lighting was also strategically planned to highlight the architecture of the space and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Outlet Premium São Paulo is an example of how architecture can contribute to the consumer experience in a commercial space. The open and ground-level design of the outlet is a successful alternative to the traditional shopping mall model, offering a more attractive and integrated atmosphere with the surroundings.

Its expansion planned for 2023 will consolidate the development as a complete destination for shopping, leisure, and entertainment in the region.

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