Design Thinking is human centered, highly collaborative, experimental, optimistic, and visual. It requires believing that one can make a difference by developing an intentional process to arrive at the new, positively impacting people, and creating innovative business solutions.

The technique always involves experimenting with new perspectives, having agility in generating ideas, relying on a structured approach, and improving those ideas to learn from mistakes and evolve quickly.

It is important to experiment with ideas and take risks because much can be learned from failure. This allows for discovering unconventional paths and transforming them into collectively built ideas capable of meeting the needs of humans, the environment, and form.

Human beings and their activities are the parameter for all human creations related to architecture.

Whether sacred or profane, these activities have changed and continue to change every day, our ethical and aesthetic standards.
How can one stay connected to society and its changes? How can one anticipate trends?
How can one understand the needs of different stakeholders while also having control of financial issues related to projects?
How can one be innovative and disruptive?
So many questions and an infinity of possibilities to be explored.

So many questions and an infinity of possibilities to be explored.

In 2015, Lopes Dias decided to dive into the world of design thinking, aiming to bring creation tools and techniques capable of meeting the most ambitious demands of the modern world.

This immersion in design thinking provided our team with a new perspective on work, allowing for the development of more creative and efficient solutions for clients’ demands.

We learned the value of empathy, how to co-create with our clients, and how to break the limits of the conventional, with the sole objective of reaching new levels of thought and simultaneously discovering new ways of expressing oneself through architecture. In addition, there was an increase in interaction and collaboration among team members, resulting in a more stimulating and productive work environment.
Since then, the company has kept up to date and always seeking new techniques and tools to meet the increasingly complex demands of the contemporary market.

The commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service continues to be the main differential of Lopes Dias.

We immerse ourselves in their world, researching customs, needs, behaviors, and expectations to balance a financially viable solution through design, capable of reaching the project’s technical viability in the short term and meeting our clients’ demands, making a business more human and desirable, and consequently more assertive and profitable.

We also discovered that we are not only capable of creating these buildings ourselves but also of empowering our partners in choosing and resizing their businesses.

We do more than architecture, we build new visions of the world through a collaborative, participatory process that is always centered on human beings.
With the application of the Design Thinking technique, we achieve an outside-in view of the business, that is, the perspective of those impacted by the solution.

We thus get to know different types of clients, discover their expectations and needs, as well as identify how the interaction with the environment will be and its fluidity, thus allowing for the best development of an experience with greater value for those who will use it.

We also know that the Design Thinking process is continuous, it has no end. Any change in the market, people’s lives, or the internal flow of the company may require adaptation at any of its moments of interaction with users.

We believe and apply Design Thinking in all our activities, looking at the world around us with the intention of transforming it, because life does not stop and transformations lead us to new paradoxes that should, in our way of seeing the world, be graced with design to overcome functional limits and make sense for the human beings of our time.