We are a young office and joviality is not a sign of inexperience. Most of our architects, architects and engineers have over 100,000 m² of design and construction in their resumes. Each team works and operates Building Information Model (BIM) tools, which give greater accuracy, agility and ease of compatibility with complementary projects. Participating in projects from the simplest complexity to the one with the greatest demand for technical knowledge, we are used to immerse ourselves with all dedication in new projects, since from this learning we will reach new degrees of excellence.

Antônio Dias Neto

Adriano Fortunato

Alessandra Rosa

Aline de Calais Brinkmann

André Pereira

Bruna de Souza Alcine

Dafne Andrade

Felipe Zenezi

Flávia Tepedino

Gabriela Ferreira

Gabriela Mendes

Guilherme Toma

Jackeline Colombo

Karoline Linhares

Luccas Vassoler

Nicolly Pontes

Paula Takahasi

Tarsila Moraes