Visual identity communicates and represents the values, market positioning, and competitive advantages of a company.

Just as we can work with larger scales than simple architecture, we also work very well with smaller scales of creation.

At LDA, visual identity has been an integral part of our foundation.

We transform ideas into visual elements through advanced techniques of design thinking, metadesign, and communication to convey your message and essence in a creative way that can attract attention, make an impact, enchant, and connect with your audience.
Visual identity is the creative soul of your brand, defining the visual form in which the public perceives not only your company, but also the personality it embodies, seeking to establish a connection with your audience.

We believe that visual identity is a fundamental strategic tool within companies for building and strengthening a brand. This is essential for the overall branding strategy!

Therefore, we aim to deeply understand our clients, their mission, values, and objectives. This way, the project can be developed in a more targeted and impactful way for the right people, reflecting the company’s values and essence, enchanting customers, and defining or reinforcing the visual identity. We work in various design fronts, and many of our clients request the development of brands and signage for their ventures.
Our team has already created logos, websites, business cards and other graphic design products, seeking to bring unique identities to each of our clients.

In addition to all of this, we also have extensive experience in creating corporate presentations and/or for lectures, creating impactful slides that help the audience understand and remember the content.

Remembering the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words,” a well-crafted visual communication, based on the principles of Graphic Design, is a key piece to help activate the triggers that influence buying decisions.

In addition to making your products more attractive, the creation of an assertive visual identity increases your credibility, revenue and competitiveness.
In this new phase of the company, we have realized the need to create unity between the physical and virtual universes, and in this territory, the visual identity is the means to achieve it.

We have professionals specialized in the field on our team and we are constantly training young architects to experiment with this design scale.

Through the visual identity, we follow rules to achieve effective communication with our target audience. We have also created a visual identity and brand usage manual, which will guide the work of our communication professionals whenever necessary.

We deeply believe in the impact potential that visual elements have, and we are passionate about the challenge of translating the essence, message, purpose, and values of a company into art!