Designing is not just about thinking big, it’s also about looking at the small details. Through small details, Interior Design helps us create environments by paying attention to each part, making the project become complete.

Decoration is an extension of people’s personality. Every object, piece of furniture, and detail in a home, company, or public space reflects the things that the people who live or work there think, like, and do. For these reasons, decoration must be well thought out and carried out with care by an interior designer.

Due to the complexity of innovations, we are exposed to in this world, we have partnered with a young and innovative decorator who not only collaborates with us, but also coordinates this internal unit with some of our teams to provide this service.
Thus, we are always discovering new materials, new applications, and more than that, new perspectives for the aesthetic qualification of the spaces we design.

We always aim to create an environment that brings happiness to our clients, helping to build a space that not only reflects their personality but also welcomes those who live in it. Our projects aim to harmonize all elements of the decor.

Many people confuse interior design with decoration, but in addition to complementing the architectural project, the main goal is to create more functional and comfortable spaces, ensuring a better use of the environment, combining aesthetics with practicality and comfort. Ideating, planning, creating, decorating… There are numerous phases that involve a decoration project, ranging from technical aspects to the creative process in the selection of colors, shapes, and products.
Interior design is a work that involves a lot of dedication, knowledge, creativity, and determination.

There are several benefits to hiring an interior design project, such as saving on the right choice of materials, equipment, and furniture with the best cost-benefit for our clients through the indication of the best options within their financial possibility and according to their needs.

A functional layout, beautiful and quality finishes, harmonious furniture, and decorative details attract attention in any property.

Therefore, when making an interior design project, we add value, ensuring an excellent financial asset with the appreciation of your property. An interior design project also aims to make the most of every space in the environment.
To bring functionality, the professional analyzes the entire layout of the property and defines the best distribution of furniture, objects, and equipment for the rooms, especially in small spaces, as the project helps optimize these environments by using techniques capable of bringing a sense of spaciousness and making the area more practical with good circulation in the rooms.

A good project will even consider issues such as sustainability and ease of maintenance for the spaces, reducing the need for future renovations.

At LDA, we develop projects for both indoor and outdoor environments, where our clients have assistance in choosing furniture, equipment, and decoration materials.

We coordinate the execution of the project from start to finish, determining the schedule, managing the budget, and administering all the suppliers involved in its realization.
These projects consider much more than just the decoration of these spaces and their aesthetics, especially when it comes to corporate settings. We consider the company’s culture, business, space functionality, and the quality of life of the people who will occupy them.

Therefore, the design needs to be created considering not only the needs but also the image that the company wants to convey to its audience. Thus, a good interior design project aims for beauty, organization, functionality, comfort, and well-being.

Therefore, it is crucial that the interior design project prioritize ergonomics, with furniture suitable for everyone’s professional activities, as well as lighting, acoustics, and air conditioning. Undoubtedly, these are factors directly related to well-being in the work environment. Thus, they impact productivity and the quality of team deliveries. As there is no closed rule regarding a standard to be followed, the best approach is the customization of space with an exclusive project made by an office specialized in interior design.