Year: 2019
Area: 31,600 sqm (1st Phase) / 59,200 sqm (2nd Phase)
Floors: 2
Type: Outlet Center
Location: Rod. Pedro Eroles / Dutra / Mogi / SP
Outlet Premium Grande São Paulo is a development that reflects a true paradise for families seeking unforgettable moments. Designed by Lopes Dias Arquitetura and built with precast pieces, the outlet features an impeccable structure that conveys an atmosphere of harmony and well-being. With its two large open squares, Outlet Premium Grande São Paulo is a cozy and charming space.
One of the plazas features a natural lake and a fountain with water jets that delight children, while the other has natural gardens and playground equipment, providing a relaxed environment for the whole family. The highlight of the main facade is one of the largest LED panels, which accentuates the grandeur of the place even more.

The development is integrated into the natural environment of the city of Itaquaquecetuba, allowing visitors to enjoy incredible evenings, where the setting sun fills the atmosphere with a unique poetry. It is a place that blends with nature and the human heart, providing moments of joy and relaxation for people of all ages.

The architecture of Outlet Premium Grande São Paulo features spacious corridors and well-positioned stores, allowing for a unique and pleasant shopping experience. The structure of the outlet is impeccable and invites visitors to explore the stroll and allow for a moment of relaxation.
The development is a true invitation for those who wish to combine leisure and shopping, an experience that pleases all tastes.

The Outlet’s architecture is contemporary, with a design that combines modernity and coziness, highlighting the grandiosity of the place. The harmony of the environment makes visitors feel like they are in a true paradise, where they can relax and enjoy every moment.

The development is an example of how architecture can be used to create harmonious and welcoming environments that provide unique experiences for people.

In summary, Outlet Premium Grande São Paulo is an architectural masterpiece that enchants visitors with its open corridors, easily visible stores, tranquil squares, and a facade that conveys grandeur. Its architecture is the perfect blend of modernity, minimalism, and coziness, an invitation for those who wish to experience unforgettable moments.

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