Complexo Jardim São Paulo

Year: 2022
Area: 23,000 sqm
Floors: 22
Type: Mixed-Use
Location: Av. Leôncio De Magalhães / Jd. São Paulo / São Paulo / SP
This is a mixed-use building project, developed to meet the needs and demands of the region. The building is accessed through one of the main avenues in the northern zone of São Paulo, which ensures the enjoyment of the local population as they cross the mall designed on the ground floor, providing a pleasant experience for users who can continue walking through the neighborhood streets with safety and comfort, having several leisure and entertainment options.
The building has five commercial floors at its base, with various operations installed, creating a mix of stores that cater to both the local population and those who pass through the building to access the neighborhood or the Jardim São Paulo subway station.

With five parking floors, one of which is dedicated to commercial use with independent access, the remaining floors serve the residents of the residential tower, with exclusive access from the neighborhood street.

The 17 residential floors feature two apartment typologies, with 75m² and 110m², developed with modern and integrated layouts. The residential tower was designed to meet contemporary housing demands, with modern and well-distributed apartments, with excellent sunlight and air circulation, and space for family living and integration with common areas.
The building façade is a standout element, with its modern design and carefully selected materials to provide durability and thermal and acoustic comfort. The interior spaces were designed to be functional and pleasant, with special attention given to user comfort, including adequate lighting and natural ventilation.

The leisure areas on the ground floor and rooftop provide a pleasant environment for residents, with options for activities and moments of rest and contemplation.

In summary, this architectural project is an innovative and functional proposal that meets the demands of the region and provides an enchanting experience for users of the building and its surroundings.

The integration between the different areas and uses is one of the main characteristics of the project, aiming to create a harmonious and inviting space for everyone who visits the building.

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