Year: 2022
Area: 56,238.23 sqm
Floors: 2 (Mall) / 5 (Deck Park)
Type: Outlet Center
Location: Estrada Cama Patente / São Bernardo Do Campo/SP
In a minimalist concept, this architectural project uses few materials and maintains simplicity and objectivity in all stages of construction.

The emphasis of the project is on the valorization of access for visitors, with ample garden spaces and circulation, providing users with not only security, but also comfort, tranquility, and a harmonious shopping experience.
The development consists of 10 blocks exclusively for stores and one block dedicated to the food court, with circulation between them, creating interesting perspectives along the way.

The project also features a 5-story Deck Park, with exclusive elevators, and a parking building with direct access from Estrada Cama Patente and internal access, facilitating vehicle circulation within the development.

The stores have rear service access, facilitating the loading and unloading of materials, and there is a dedicated dock for major brands and a food court. The top floor of the Deck Park was designed to accommodate the expansion of the Outlet, maintaining the circulation axis of the mall and its connections between stores.

The project also values leisure and social spaces, with an artificial lake and a water plaza between blocks 2 and 3.
Additionally, there is a designated space for children, a pet area, and a boulevard with a water plaza, reinforcing the experiences of the public not only as shoppers, but also as visitors of a leisure and entertainment space.

The location of the development is strategic, allowing for quick and easy access for customers and employees. The entire Outlet was developed with metal structures and enclosures, giving the complex contemporaneity and boldness, as well as providing an innovative shopping experience.

In summary, this architectural project values simplicity, objectivity, and functionality in all stages of construction, while offering spacious and comfortable spaces for the circulation of visitors and staff. The emphasis on landscaping and the creation of leisure and social areas reinforces the importance of the development as a shopping and entertainment space for all people.

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