Year: 2015
Area: 72 sqm (aprox.)
Floors: 1
Type: Residential
Location: Uruguai
Designing a winery in rugged terrain was an inspiring challenge for our team. From the beginning, we had to consider the impact of construction on grape growing, as the soil is sacred for production. For this reason, we opted for an implantation that had as little contact with the ground as possible, which led us to develop a system capable of being expanded according to demand and the increase in demand for units.
Para integrar as unidades habitacionaisTo integrate the housing units into the territory, we sought an architectural language that mimicked the uses of the landscape. The houses, which were semi-detached, were designed to be used as a holiday and weekend residence. With the right lighting technique, we managed to turn them into luminaires in the landscape. The winery’s headquarters was designed with a bolder design, offering all the infrastructure of a hotel, including a restaurant, bar, lounge, recreational area with games, swimming pool, sauna, spa and an area dedicated to visiting and tasting the production, framed by the landscape that surrounds it.

The choice of materials and finishes followed the proposal of integration with nature. We opted for elements such as stone, wood and metal, in their most rustic and natural forms, which contributed to the harmony between the architecture and the surroundings. The winery’s headquarters were located at a strategic point on the land, so that it could offer panoramic views of the landscape. We designed the visitation and tasting area integrated with the production, offering the opportunity to learn about the wine production process.
For guests who choose to stay in the twin houses, we design welcoming and functional environments that value integration with nature. All spaces were designed to offer comfort and well-being, both internally and in its external areas, which were designed to be used as living areas.

The leisure area was designed to serve different audiences, offering options for those looking for relaxation and for those who prefer more intense activities. In addition, the swimming pool, which was located at a strategic point on the land, offers panoramic views of the landscape and the winery. One of the great challenges of this project was to integrate architecture with nature in a harmonious and respectful way. For this, we made a detailed analysis of the land and its characteristics, seeking to understand how the buildings could integrate into the landscape and contribute to the preservation of nature. The result was a unique project that values ​​nature and offers guests comfort and well-being. The winery has become a prominent tourist destination, both for the quality of the wine produced and for the beauty and functional architecture.

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