Year: 2015
Area: 18,355 sqm
Floors: 5
Type: Shopping Center
Location: R. Cel. Xavier de Toledo, 23 – Centro/SP – Brazil
As the team responsible for the renovation of Shopping Light, it is worth noting that the building is a historical landmark, inaugurated in 1929 as the headquarters of the former energy company Light. When transformed into a shopping center in 1999, it was restored while preserving many of its original architectural features. The building is located in a privileged location, at the corners of Viaduto do Chá and Rua Coronel Xavier de Toledo, in the center of São Paulo.
To ensure a pleasant and modern shopping experience, some adaptations were made to the building. Vertical circulation is provided by two sets of escalators. There are five internal safety staircases and eleven batteries of elevators, with only three elevators for shoppers and two freight elevators in operation, all of which were installed over twenty years ago and require ongoing maintenance.

Lighting is provided by translucent coverings (glass skylights) that are supported by metal structures.

One of the most impressive features of the building is the original façade with iron windows that offer a panoramic view of the Anhangabaú valley. It was a priority to ensure that the windows were preserved and maintained in good condition. The ceiling has plasterboard panels with a system that maximizes the ceiling height and solves technical issues such as the routing of ducts and electrical and air conditioning trays.
The floor of Shopping Light was designed with a chromatic code that facilitates the user’s location within the building. The chosen material is highly resistant to traffic and easy to maintain, with some floors refurbished for better preservation. The electrical networks were revised to meet the demand for power supply to the stores, mall, and general lighting. In wet areas, the coatings are ceramic, and the water and sewage supply networks have been renovated. Shopping Light has thirteen floors and a layout of stores on the periphery of the building, with central circulation and kiosks scattered throughout the building. The constructed area is 36,518 m².

Overall, the renovation of Shopping Light was carefully planned to ensure that the original architecture was preserved and respected, while also incorporating modern and updated elements to make the shopping experience pleasant and up to date. The building is a true historical gem, and we are proud to have been able to contribute to its preservation and renewal for future generations.

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