Year: 2009
Area: 24,000 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Outlet Center
Location: Rod. dos Bandeirantes, Km 72 – Itupeva/SP
The Outlet Premium São Paulo, which opened in 2009, is a shopping mall that presents a new model of commerce. It is a ground-level, open-air mall located at Km 72 of the Rodovia dos Bandeirantes in Itupeva, São Paulo. With its concentric layout, the mall strengthens centrality and provides for a pleasant stroll amidst its large spaces associated with local landscaping and natural lighting.
The Outlet Premium São Paulo project was divided into 8 main blocks, each with its own pleasant, tree-lined square to stay in. The blocks were built at different levels, with two internal and two external every four blocks.

The corridors were designed with kiosks that have table structures to complete the mix and create spaces for customers to rest, wait and interact.

To create a fast, clean, economical, and streamlined project, the outlet was built with metal structures and enclosures, coated with cementitious panels for temperature control.

Translucent covering strips were designed every four meters to bring natural lighting to the stores and corridors, giving the ensemble a contemporary and daring feel.

These elements provide the public with an innovative shopping experience.
The Outlet Premium São Paulo is a space that favors integration with nature, with its green areas and open spaces that allow for natural light and ventilation. The symmetry of the project favors visitors’ stroll, who can enjoy its architecture while they shop and have fun with their families.

The structure of Outlet Premium São Paulo is modern and functional, with wide corridors that facilitate customer circulation and well-located stores to provide a unique shopping experience. The architecture of the location is a highlight, composed of elements that promote beauty and innovation and confer a feeling of lightness and modernity.

The Outlet Premium São Paulo revolutionized the outlet concept in the country, presenting a ground-level and open-air model that favors integration with nature and the entrance of light. With modern and functional architecture, the location provides visitors with a unique shopping experience that combines leisure and consumption in a welcoming and differentiated environment.

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