Year: 2017
Area: 690.06 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Public
Location: Francisco Matarazzo – Água Branca/SP
The renovation project for the two theater rooms originated from the adaptation of a former cinema that had been deactivated. To create the concept of this project, the essentiality of finishes and materials was worked with, exposing woods, metals, and installations in their most rustic form. In conjunction with the theater operator, the same essentiality was chosen as the concept for the black box, with black floors and walls and a simpler stage structure.
The theater is in the food court of the West Plaza Shopping Mall and has a spacious and accessible foyer at the entrance, which features a café, four restrooms (two of which are for people with reduced mobility), and a ticket booth. All furniture pieces were designed to compose every detail of this foyer, as well as the visual communication.

A great surprise for visitors is the decorative ceiling lighting of the foyer, composed of lamps and 1 ton of natural beams of varying sizes, creating a composition of light and shadow meticulously distributed throughout the space. Another remarkable feature is all the guardrails and vertical closures that lead to the upper floor, made with construction rods.

On the upper floor, rehearsal rooms and all the administrative part of the theater were designed. The spaces were thought to offer comfort and functionality to artists, with the possibility of simultaneous rehearsals.
The main room has 250 seats, and the second room has 100 seats, both equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for lighting, sound, and image projection. The internal finishes of the theater rooms were also thought with special attention, with the choice of materials that guarantee the necessary acoustic absorption to provide a high-quality sound experience to the spectators.

The arrangement of seats in the rooms was strategically thought to ensure the best visibility of the stage at all points of the audiences.

The entire project was carried out with a strong focus on sustainability, with the use of low environmental impact materials and the pursuit of energy efficiency in all theater installations. In addition, state-of-the-art technologies were incorporated to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors, such as the automation of the lighting and air conditioning system, as well as the installation of security cameras in strategic points of the theater.

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