Year: 2018
Area: 2,500 sqm
Floors: 5
Type: Masterplan
Location: Morumbi, São Paulo/SP
Located in one of the upscale areas of the city of São Paulo, the Morumbi neighborhood, the architectural design of the Chapada Velha building represents an innovative and bold proposal for mixed use. With 2,500 sqm of built area and 1,300 sqm of GLA, the development consists of a commercial mix, which includes a drive-thru on the first ground level, banking services, stores, restaurants, and parking on the upper floors.
One of the project’s most notable characteristics is the maximum use of the land. To achieve this, the steep slope is used to generate two ground floor levels, both with direct access from the street level, and whose shape forms the facade’s design.

The project also stands out for the inversion of uses, which brings commerce and services closer to the street and pedestrian users, while elevating the parking floors to the upper levels of the building. This allows for greater connection with the surroundings, bringing more movement and life to the area, as well as a more fluid and dynamic access experience for users.

The architectural language of the Chapada Velha building is marked by boldness and innovation. On the upper floors, the structural columns have irregular shapes, which convey a disruptive and breaking sensation.
This new composition of space and facade, combined with a differentiated shading system for the floors that reveal it, makes the building’s architecture even more expressive and unique.

The project also stands out for its simplicity and stripped-down finish, with exposed concrete that highlights the beauty of the structure itself. This choice of more direct and bare solutions is a hallmark of contemporary architecture, which seeks to express the essence of construction and value its materiality.

The Chapada Velha building is an example of how architecture can be used to generate innovative and functional spaces that meet users’ needs and contribute to the revitalization of urban areas. With a proposal that values the connection with the surroundings and the user experience, the project stands out for its originality and ability to surprise and delight those who use it.

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