Year: 2019
Floor: 3
Area: 300 sqm
Type: Institutional
Location: Vila Aurora – São Paulo/SP
The project aims to build a new complex on a plot where an old church was once located. The plot is approximately 300 m², practically flat, and has a frontage on two streets with a well-wooded square in front of it. The main objective is to create a harmonious, practical, and safe space that meets liturgical functions and provides natural lighting and ventilation, as well as green areas and adequate disposition of spaces and internal rooms.
To meet these objectives, the project includes different spaces and functionalities. At the main entrance, there is an area for arrivals that communicates with the street, providing space for meetings, cultural and artistic events in the main hall and garden areas.

In addition, the upper floors accommodate spaces for classrooms, training, and specialized services, with a stage and grandstand for presentations and lectures created in the central void.

The building facade is translucent and ventilated, which allows all internal spaces to receive a great contribution of natural light and ventilation. This helps connect users with the external environment, making the space more pleasant and welcoming.

The project also seeks to harmonize the forms and symbols that a church requires, without sacrificing practicality for liturgical functions and people’s mobility. Safety is also an important point, considering the relevance of the location for the community.
One of the relevant points of the project is the disposition of spaces and internal rooms, which was designed to facilitate people’s circulation and integration between the different floors.

The layout of spaces was designed to ensure accessibility, comfort, and privacy for users.

Another important feature of the project is the presence of vegetation, which helps create a more pleasant and healthy environment. Vegetation also contributes to improving air quality and reducing noise, making the space more comfortable and welcoming.

The architecture of this church seeks to reflect the spiritual perspective, with a design that harmonizes functionality, practicality, security, and beauty. The project values the presence of vegetation and the connection with the environment, creating a more welcoming and pleasant space for users. The layout of spaces and internal rooms was carefully thought out to facilitate circulation and integration between floors, ensuring accessibility and comfort.

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