Year: 2018
Area: 3,000 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Institutional
Location: Volta Redonda/RJ
This project aimed to create an innovative space in the healthcare field, with a welcoming environment focused on the well-being of patients, as well as promoting interaction with the city and the collection of data for a population health information system. For this purpose, the construction of a reception area at the entrance of the building was proposed, which would allow for the provision of basic services and the collection of data on patients’ health.
This space also aims to promote the interaction of the facility with the city, becoming a point of reference for the community.

Inside the building, the well-being of patients and the privacy of medical appointments were prioritized. All the consultation rooms have a view of a garden and were designed to offer a pleasant and welcoming dynamic, with spaces for guidance and psychological support throughout the medical center.

In addition, the consultation rooms can be customized for each doctor, offering digital resources for their stay and patient care.

The space also includes support areas for professionals, such as a café, auditoriums, and coworking spaces, allowing for the exchange of experiences and knowledge among professionals.
The entire project was developed based on demands and under the coordination of Echos Laboratório de Inovação, using the Design Thinking tool to transform needs, feelings, and desired sensations into something tangible.

In this way, it was possible to create an innovative space that meets the needs of patients and healthcare professionals, while also connecting with the city and contributing to the collection of data on the population’s health.

Finally, a three-story building renovation project was presented to house a clinic with various branches of medicine, including aesthetic treatments and occupational medicine. To organize the flows of clients and maintain the privacy of each user, vertical circulation was used as an organizing element of the spaces.

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