Year: 2019
Area: 26,538.00 sqm
Floors: 4
Type: Shopping Center
Location: R. Conselheiro Moreira de Barros, 2,780 – Santana/SP
When called to study the expansion of Santana Parque Shopping, LDA proposed a Sprint journey with essential collaborators to redefine the initial request and transform the shopping experience in the development. Using techniques such as Design Thinking, ecosystem thinking, and innovation mechanisms, LDA and Aliansce worked collaboratively on the project, validating ideas and solutions for all involved.
LDA’s proposal was to create a park with thematic squares that permeate the entire building, generating access through different levels of the shopping center and improving pedestrian permeability, providing a unique shopping experience for all types of consumers.

The stores were rethought to share the spotlight with the park, creating a pleasant and welcoming environment. To do so, LDA widened the sidewalks, removed the fences, and designated an appropriate place for apps and other collaborators.

To accommodate the expansion of the stores, LDA reduced the size of the parking lot and created parking spaces under the park, increasing the built area by 26,550m² and the GLA by approximately 7,500m².

This decision was made to improve circulation in the development and provide a more comfortable experience for consumers.
In addition, the cinema foyer, which lost part of its use with the advent of online tickets, gained a new function with a gourmet area that opens up to a new rooftop with a view of a beautiful São Paulo skyline. This new space brings a new dimension of entertainment and leisure to the development’s visitors.

The entire creation process was based on empathy and collaboration, generating validation from all involved and resulting in a differentiated retail development.

LDA used all its knowledge in architecture to rethink the space and create innovative solutions that improve circulation and promote the well-being of visitors.

Over time, Santana Parque Shopping has become a landmark in the retail sector, attracting more and more visitors. Its unique and innovative style provided a visually appealing environment, contributing to the consolidation of its reputation in the market.

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