Year: 2013
Area: 20,010 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Shopping Center
Location: Av. Washington Luis, 2,480 – Campinas/SP – Brazil
In this specific project, we had the opportunity to create innovative solutions to meet the demands of the enterprise. Upon arriving at the location, we noticed that the surroundings of the shopping center were wooded and frequented by people who enjoyed walking and doing outdoor physical activities. This characteristic inspired us to create a boulevard that could integrate with the external environment, offering a pleasant space for people to walk around and consume services.
Initially, we faced the challenge of the access levels from the street to the enterprise and the uncovered space occupied by parking, which could not be built upon due to building regulations. Therefore, we decided to transform the space into a “boulevard” exclusively for pedestrians, with tables, benches, and food, service, and convenience stores. To protect the area from the sun, we used mobile coverings with lightweight metal structure and fabrics to create shade, without taking away the brightness of the space.

The boulevard floor was another important point in the project. We opted for a mix of stone and cement to provide more comfort and safety during walking. To overcome the street and boulevard slopes, we used furniture such as benches, loungers, stools, and counters, as well as planters to create a pleasant and conflict-free transition with the existing walkway. The shopping center’s redesign also required changes in the finishes of the corridors, food court, and visual communication. We sought to create a visual identity for the enterprise, with elements that harmonized with each other and with the external environment.
The connection between the shopping center’s accesses was also a concern of the project. We proposed a modification in one of the entrances to bring a major player in the fast-food segment and a pharmacy to increase services offered to the public. In the other entrance, we maintained access to the cinema, which is traditional for showing cult films.

To increase the mix of stores and services, we designed a boulevard in an external area where there was previously a parking lot with access to stores outside the shopping center. The boulevard became a gathering space, connecting two shopping center accesses, in addition to offering new shopping and service options to customers.

Finally, the redesign project of the shopping center in Campinas sought to create solutions that met the enterprise’s and customers’ needs. The boulevard, in particular, brought a new concept to the shopping center’s external space, creating a pleasant and welcoming environment for people who frequent the location.

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