Year: 2015
Area: 1,246.30 sqm
Floors: 2
Type: Store
Location: Rod. dos Bandeirantes, Km 72 – Itupeva/SP
The project for the Forever 21 store, located at Outlet Premium São Paulo, was a unique opportunity to experiment with innovative concepts in sustainability and fashion. The proposal to expand the space was solved by using used shipping containers, which allowed for the creation of a modern and sophisticated environment. The container allows for quick and efficient assembly, ensuring that the store was ready to receive customers in just two days.
The choice of shipping containers was made because it is a sustainable and economical option, as the reuse of these materials contributes to the reduction of environmental impact and the reuse of existing materials.

To assemble the containers, it was necessary to develop compatible designs with the installations, elaborate details of frames and cutting of the pieces, as well as the layout and order of container assembly. All of this ensured an agile and efficient construction process, without compromising the quality of the work.

In the sales space, the double height ceiling and three entrances – two lateral and one central – provide amplitude and ease of access for customers. The store area has fitting rooms and checkouts on the sides at the back, while the mezzanine level is where the store’s stock and technical equipment are distributed.
One of the highlights of the store is the deck area at the central entrance, which connects to the Outlet events plaza. This area can be used for events, such as fashion shows, exhibitions, and DJs, transforming the Outlet space into a large lounge and bringing innovation to the retail architecture area. The creation of this area demonstrates the project’s concern in offering a differentiated experience for customers, which goes beyond just purchasing products.

The use of sustainable materials, such as used shipping containers, demonstrates the company’s concern with sustainability and environmental responsibility. In addition, the use of these materials provided a modern and sophisticated environment that reflects the brand’s identity and attracts the target audience. The Forever 21 store at Outlet Premium São Paulo stands out as an example of commercial architecture that combines modern and conscious materials with a space that offers unique experiences for customers. The project shows how it is possible to harmonize concern for the environment and creativity in commercial architecture, generating advantages for the company, society, and the planet.

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