Year: 2018
Area: 550 sqm
Floors: 2
Type: Residential
Location: Santana, São Paulo/SP
The architecture of the penthouse located in the North Zone of São Paulo is an example of the elegance and sophistication that can be achieved in residential projects.

With approximately 550m² distributed over two floors, the property will undergo a renovation to update and revitalize its spaces, making them even more pleasant and functional for its residents.
One of the highlights of the project is the restoration of the granite and wood floors on the lower level, which are of excellent quality and do not need to be replaced. The team responsible for the work will use technological techniques to bring back their natural appearance, ensuring that these materials continue to be part of the style and history of the penthouse. Another important point of the renovation is the updating of the finishes in the four bedrooms. In addition to the total replacement of the bathroom fixtures and fittings, the project team chose high-quality and beautiful materials to incorporate into the environment, making it more accessible and modern.

On the upper floor of the penthouse, most of the renovation will be done to provide more comfort and space for the residents. The layout of the spaces will be completely altered to create a new suite, with a panoramic view of both sides of the building. The surrounding area of the penthouse will also undergo landscaping interventions, making it an even more cozy and pleasant space for the residents.
One of the highlights of the upper floor is the large kitchen, which extends to the outdoor area. In this space, residents can enjoy moments of leisure and relaxation, with the presence of a barbecue, deck, and a pool.

The architecture of the penthouse reflects attention to detail and careful selection of materials used in the project. The team responsible for the renovation took care to choose materials that respected the history and essence of the property but also brought modernity and beauty to the spaces.

The choice of materials was one of the concerns for this project, using a combination of textures and colors to create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere throughout the penthouse. The wall and floor coverings, bathroom fixtures and fittings, lighting fixtures, and furniture were carefully chosen to create a harmonious and pleasant environment.

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