Year: 2017
Area: 160 sqm
Floors: 2
Type: Commercial
Location: Shopping Parque Shopping Maia – Piso 1, São Paulo/SP
The project to transform the first floor of Parque Shopping Maia into a cachaça shop as a themed bar proposes the creation of a destination location instead of a passing space. With a privileged location, the environment has a triple ceiling height and frames that allow ample natural light and views of the city.
The objective is to create a meeting point that tells the story of cachaça, from its raw material to the production and storage process, using traditional materials throughout the decoration. The space will be divided into environments that allow visitors to enjoy the cachaçaria experience in different ways.

There will be lounge areas, with tables and a bar counter for tasting and learning about the history of cachaça. In addition, a mezzanine was created with an industrial kitchen structure, which will be used for classes and gastronomic events related to the history of cachaça, company get-togethers and preparation courses for sommeliers.

To ensure the safety of visitors and employees, modern and efficient systems will be implemented to protect against fire and other risks, in addition to having a team trained in first aid.
The infrastructure will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology for access control and real-time monitoring.

To ensure the quality of the customer experience, a team of trained professionals will be hired, such as bartenders and sommeliers, to meet the needs of visitors.

Training will also be offered to the team, so that they can provide accurate and interesting information about the history of cachaça, its varieties and the best combinations with food.

The cachaçaria as a themed bar will be an attractive addition to Parque Shopping Maia, creating a destination space for locals and visitors to the city. With its themed and historical decor, the experience will be unique and memorable.

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