Year: 2018
Area: 130 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Residential
Location: Edifício Lausanne – Higienópolis, São Paulo/SP
The renovation of the 130 sqm apartment on the ground floor of the historic LAUSANNE Building aimed to create a timeless and elegant space.

A neutral color palette was chosen to harmonize with the client’s decoration and allow for different furniture options to be used.
The existing carpentry was renovated to match the new tone, while new cabinets were installed to meet the client’s space needs.

The harmony of materials was another important guideline of the project, with wall, floor and ceiling lines meeting in all directions.

Special attention was given to the positioning of vertical elements such as boxes, countertops, and niches, using the porcelain tile grout to create a rational and pleasant atmosphere in the rooms.

In addition, the social areas’ ceiling was removed, increasing the sense of spaciousness in the living room and kitchen. The mobile partitions were designed to allow for the integration or division of spaces according to the client’s wishes, providing greater flexibility in the use of the environments.
This renovation marks an important cycle for the office, which 15 years ago had carried out the first renovation in this same apartment.

The trust placed by the client again reflects the work and trajectory of the team, allowing for the realization of another dream.

The renovation of the 130 sqm apartment in the LAUSANNE Building focused on creating a timeless and elegant space, using neutral tones and material harmony.

The removal of the ceiling in the social areas and the implementation of mobile partitions provided greater flexibility in the use of spaces, while the renovation of existing carpentry and installation of new cabinets ensured better use of space.

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