Year: 2017
Area: 877 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Institutional
Location: Descalvado/SP
The project in question is the creation of a new kennel, aimed at expanding the capacity of the headquarters to accommodate 50 more animals. But more than simply accommodating these animals, the architecture of the new space was designed to ensure maximum comfort and well-being for them. To achieve this, high-resistance materials were used, which guarantee ease of maintenance and thermal comfort.
Natural ventilation was also taken into consideration, with facade details and voids in the building that ensure air circulates freely. The green roof was another important choice, as it helps maintain the ideal temperature inside the kennel.

The program for the new kennel includes stalls of varying sizes, capable of accommodating animals of different sizes. In addition, there are also sunny areas and space for veterinary treatment, with direct connection to the outdoor areas. Thus, the animals can exercise and enjoy a more natural environment, which is fundamental to their health and well-being.

In addition to the area for the animals’ stay, specific areas were created for bathing and grooming, infirmary, laboratories, courtyards, reception and restrooms, meeting the needs of the animals and employees. The new facilities have direct connections with the existing areas, facilitating the maintenance and logistics of the company.
The project was developed based on the best practices in architecture for animal well-being. The space was created to be functional, but also visually pleasing. The goal is for the animals to feel comfortable and safe in their new temporary home.

The new kennel is responsible for welcoming and caring for animals that have often been abandoned or mistreated. The work of the professionals involved in the project is essential to ensure that these animals have a second chance in life.

In terms of architecture, the project for the new kennel is an example of how it is possible to create a functional, attractive, and sustainable space. The choice of materials and construction solutions took into account the well-being of the animals, but also the durability and maintenance of the space. It is worth noting that architecture can be an important ally in caring for animals and should not only serve aesthetics or functionality, but also well-being.

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