Year: 2016
Area: 502 sqm
Floors: 3
Type: Institutional
Location: Rua Dr. Edson de Melo, 114 – Vila Maria, São Paulo/SP
The project consists of the renovation of a three-story building that will house a medical clinic where each family member practices a different medical specialty. The program includes the creation of a unified reception, medical offices, aesthetic treatments, and occupational medicine, while respecting the privacy of the users. To organize the flows of clients and doctors, the vertical circulation element was used.
The stairs were designed as dividers of the different flows, so that each segment of the clinic has its own route. This allows clients and doctors to move through the building more efficiently, avoiding congestion and ensuring privacy.

Another strategy adopted in the project was the opening of new windows and skylights in the central voids of the building. These openings allow natural light to enter the entire building, creating a more pleasant and comfortable environment for patients and doctors. The aesthetic renovation of the space was also taken into consideration, with the creation of new openings in the facade and a carefully planned garden to enhance the main entrance of the clinic.

In the reception area, openings were created in the facade to promote a greater sense of space and natural light. In addition, a system of colors and materials was adopted that reinforces the identity of the clinic and creates a welcoming and trustworthy atmosphere.
Internally, the offices were designed to maximize the available space and ensure the privacy of users. Each room has suitable furniture and modern medical equipment, ensuring the best possible care for patients. Aesthetic treatments and occupational medicine also have exclusive spaces, allowing professionals to work efficiently and comfortably.

Finally, accessibility was an important concern in the project. Elevators and ramps were installed to ensure access for people with reduced mobility to all floors of the clinic. In addition, safety measures, such as firefighting systems and strategically positioned emergency exits, were adopted.

In summary, the medical clinic renovation project focused on organizing the flows of clients and doctors, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for patients and professionals, maximizing the available space, and ensuring the privacy and safety of all users.

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