Year: 2013
Area: 77,000 sqm
Floors: 2
Type: Shopping Center
Location: Av. Marechal Fontenele, 3,545 – Jardim Sulacap/RJ
The Parque Shopping Sulacap is much more than just a commercial space, it is a true work of architectural art that enchants everyone who visits it.

With an imposing and elegant structure, it stands out among the other buildings in the region, using geology to position itself higher and create a sense of grandeur with the urban environment.
But it’s not just its privileged location that impresses, its interior architecture is a true visual spectacle.

An advanced lighting design was carefully developed to enhance natural light, creating a rare beauty in daily life and providing energy savings that contribute to the sustainability of the planet.

Upon entering the shopping center, visitors are immersed in a modern and cozy environment that values comfort and convenience for everyone.

With ample parking and a modern food court with contemporary perspectives, it’s possible to enjoy a variety of gastronomic options while admiring the beauty of the surrounding architecture. In addition, the concern for preserving the environment is a highlight of the Parque Shopping Sulacap.
All liquid waste is treated within strict sustainability standards, showing the commitment of the enterprise to the planet and the local community.

But the beauty of Parque Shopping Sulacap is not just limited to its physical structure. It is a true integration with nature, providing an environment of tranquility and well-being.

The harmony between the built space and the greenery around it creates a unique atmosphere, inviting visitors to enjoy every detail with calmness and appreciation.

In short, Parque Shopping Sulacap is a space that combines beauty, comfort, innovation, prominence, convenience, and integration with nature in a unique way.

It is a hallmark of quality in the region, and an example of how it is possible to create a modern and functional commercial environment without sacrificing environmental and social responsibility.

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