Year: 2011
Area: 58,000 sqm
Floors: 3
Type: Shopping Center
Location: Rua Gen. Divisão Pedro Rodrigues da Silva – Barueri/SP – Brazil
Parque Shopping Barueri is a high-end development that offers a complete and comfortable shopping experience to its visitors.

From its monumental facade to its comprehensive infrastructure of services, everything has been designed to provide a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.
The shopping center’s architecture is one of the highlights of the project, with an imposing 18-meter-high facade and spacious corridors that allow for smooth and safe circulation of visitors.

Additionally, the design of the development values nature, with green areas and gardens that bring a bit of tranquility and freshness to the environment.

The shops at Parque Shopping Barueri are another highlight of the project, with well-sized spaces and a varied mix of brands and products. From international designer brands to department stores and more affordable options, the shopping center seeks to cater to all types of consumers and offer a complete and satisfactory shopping experience.

Moreover, Parque Shopping Barueri has a comprehensive infrastructure of services, including a food court, cinemas, parking, banking services, and various other services that make the shopping experience even more convenient and practical.
The development has several sustainable measures, such as the use of water and energy-saving technologies, the implementation of recycling systems, and responsible management of waste generated.

Parque Shopping Barueri is also an important driver of the local economy, creating jobs and boosting commerce in the region. Furthermore, the shopping center contributes to the development of tourism in the area, attracting visitors from various parts of Brazil and the world.

In summary, Parque Shopping Barueri is a modern and sophisticated development that values architecture in harmony with spaces and people’s comfort. With its monumental facade, well-sized shops, comprehensive infrastructure of services, and concern for sustainability, the shopping center is consolidated as a successful example in Brazilian retail.

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