Year: 2016
Area: 186.87 sqm
Floors: 2
Type: Residential
Location: R. Álvaro de Abreu – Jardim São Paulo/SP
This apartment was an interesting challenge in rethinking the distribution and organization of a duplex apartment built in the 90s, located in the northern zone of São Paulo. The family needed more space and individuality for their two teenage children, as well as larger and integrated spaces to receive friends and enjoy family moments. The first floor was completely transformed, with the demolition of almost all walls to increase the amplitude and illumination of the spaces.
The kitchen was integrated with the dining, living, TV room and balcony, allowing the family to spend time together in a single environment. A single porcelain tile was used throughout the floor to create visual unity. The balcony was also renovated, with a renewed barbecue counter and a suspended wooden bench around the perimeter, providing more space and comfort for visitors.

On the upper floor, there was a complete redistribution of the spaces. Before, there were only two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a single suite. With the renovation, three suites were designed, one for each family member, meeting their individual needs.

It was important to consider the use of materials in the apartment renovation, seeking a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The porcelain tile chosen for the floor was selected to unify the spaces and offer a sense of continuity, as well as being a durable and easy to maintain option.
The integration of social spaces was also strategically designed, allowing the family to share moments together, even while performing different tasks. With the open kitchen, for example, it is possible to cook and chat with friends in the living room or on the balcony.

The renovation also sought to enhance the apartment’s external areas, such as the balcony and barbecue area, creating a cozy and inviting environment to receive friends and family.

The choice of materials and furniture was designed to create a welcoming and elegant space, while still being functional and suitable for the family’s needs.

At the end of the renovation, the duplex apartment became a much more comfortable, functional, and welcoming space, meeting the needs of all family members. The integration of social spaces, the enhancement of external areas, and the redistribution of spaces on the second floor were some of the elements that contributed to creating a unique and personalized project.

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