Year: 2022
Area: 250 sqm
Floors: 2
Location: Rua Fradique Coutinho / Vila Madalena / SP
The butcher shop was designed to meet the needs of different types of customers, from those who prepare their daily meals to barbecue enthusiasts and people who need convenience. The goal is to provide a complete shopping experience, with cuts of meat, seasonings, aromas, and accessories. The sales area space was carefully designed to ensure that customers have direct contact with store attendants.
With double-height ceilings, the store receives natural lighting and offers a proportional sense of space. The modular furniture allows for the configuration of different layouts, allowing products to be displayed at different heights and depths and allowing for changes in the flow and circulation of customers through the store.

The self-service refrigerators are located on the opposite side of the service counters, providing greater comfort and visibility of the products.

The store integrates the traditional craft of butchery with the demands and expectations of modern consumers. The space was designed to meet the handling and storage standards of products, ensuring the safety and quality of food.

The operational areas provide all the necessary support for employees, creating a safer and more pleasant work environment.
The goal of the store is to offer a wide variety of cuts of meat, seasonings, and accessories to meet the needs of different customers. The cuts are selected and prepared by meat experts, who ensure the quality of the products offered in the store. Customers can rely on the guidance of attendants to choose the ideal cuts for each preparation, as well as receive suggestions for seasonings and accompaniments.

In addition, the store offers a wide variety of barbecue accessories, such as grills, skewers, knives, and cutting boards. Everything to guarantee a complete and satisfying experience for barbecue lovers.

The butcher shop was designed to meet the needs of customers in a complete way, offering quality products, a pleasant and safe environment for employees and customers, as well as a variety of barbecue accessories. With a well-designed and organized space, the store offers a unique and unforgettable shopping experience for its customers.

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