Year: 2016
Area: 550 sqm
Floors: 7
Type: Mixed Use
Location: Rua Monte Alegre – Perdizes, São Paulo/SP
In today’s fast-paced world, people need spaces that meet their needs and are flexible enough to adapt to different uses. Given this context, we propose the construction of a mixed-use building on a flat and well-located plot of land, close to universities, abundant local commerce, and a metro station under construction. In order to offer occupancy versatility, we opted for modular construction.
The building was designed to house duplex residential apartments and commercial spaces on the upper floors, while on the ground floor, set back from the building, there is space for shops, such as cafes and convenience stores. This distribution of use allowed us to maximize the potential of the land and ensure good circulation in the building. The basement has parking spaces for residents, including areas for bicycles, scooters, and shared cars.

One of the project’s challenges was to ensure the separation of the building’s uses, guaranteeing privacy and security for residents and users. To achieve this, we adopted a creative solution of intermediate floors, which separated residential from commercial areas at different levels. The apartments were designed with open plans and double-height ceilings, with floor-to-ceiling windows. This choice results in more versatile, pleasant, and illuminated spaces for residents. This distribution of space allows for greater flexibility in the use of the environments, as well as providing more comfort and well-being for the occupants.
In addition, the building facade was designed to ensure natural ventilation of the environments, contributing to the reduction of electricity consumption. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to enter the internal spaces, making the environments more pleasant and reducing electricity consumption. Furthermore, a green roof was designed, which helps regulate the internal temperature of the building, reducing environmental impact and ensuring a healthier environment for residents. The building has modern and efficient security systems, as well as equipment for protection against fires and other risks. Common spaces, such as courtyards and living areas, were also designed to provide a pleasant and integrated environment for residents and users of the building.

The project also included the implementation of sustainable solutions, such as rainwater harvesting for reuse and the installation of natural lighting and ventilation systems, contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and the preservation of the environment.

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