Cincinato Braga

Year: 2019
Area: 450 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Commercial
Location: Rua Cincinato Braga, 37 – São Paulo/SP
MV Health Management Systems, a leading healthcare software management company, entrusted the architecture firm LDA with the challenge of renovating a commercial space to house its new headquarters.

Based on the client’s needs, the architecture team divided the renovation into two phases, aiming to create a precise, efficient, and flexible environment.
To ensure harmony and well-being in the spaces, the project prioritized the choice of materials and colors that would create a pleasant and elegant atmosphere. The combination of white and blue mixed with wood generated a welcoming and sophisticated environment.

Detailed lighting, combined with innovative furniture design specific for work and socializing, provided comfortable spaces, communal areas, and a productive work environment.

The renovation of the commercial space occurred on two floors, with priority given to the operational spaces.

Comfortable circulation and complete visualization of the environments were guaranteed from the entrance of the spaces to the directors’ rooms and meeting spaces. Glass partitions were installed, prioritizing transparency and natural lighting, making the environment more pleasant and integrated.
With the aim of creating more humanized, flexible, and digital collaborative spaces, the project proposed the creation of shared areas and individual booths.

The lounge was designed to receive clients and partners, always representing the dynamism, fluidity, and flexibility of the company.

This integration was essential to promote collaboration and communication among employees, resulting in a modern, innovative, and adaptable headquarters.

The architectural project aimed to create functional and flexible spaces, integrating environments and promoting collaboration among employees.

The result was a modern, innovative, and adaptable headquarters that meets the needs of the company and provides a pleasant and productive work environment.

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