Year: 2019
Area: 185 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Commercial
Location: Avenida Angélica – São Paulo/SP
The renovation project of the commercial space on the ground floor of the building, to house GEN, an innovation and technology company, stands out for its modern and functional architecture. The ample natural lighting present in the environment is integrated with the operational and decompression area, providing a more comfortable and dynamic shared workspace.
The suspended sliding panels present in the space form several divisions, creating a flexible and adaptable architecture to the users’ needs. This design allows greater freedom and practicality for the users, who can create private spaces according to their needs. In addition, the project includes private spaces, such as meeting rooms and phone booths, to ensure privacy and comfort during meetings. The lighting of the environment was specially designed to provide a more comfortable and effective environment for the users in all spaces, which guarantees a pleasant experience for the user.

The modern and functional architecture of this commercial space renovation project aims to meet the needs of the innovation and technology company GEN, which requires a dynamic and collaborative environment to carry out its activities. The integration between the operational and decompression area allows for greater interaction between employees and enables the creation of a more harmonious and productive work environment.
The design of the suspended sliding panels allows for the creation of private environments without affecting the circulation and integration between spaces. The flexibility of the architecture of this project allows users to customize the space according to their needs, making it more adaptable and functional. In addition, the presence of private spaces, such as meeting rooms and phone booths, ensures the necessary privacy for important meetings and conversations without affecting the shared work environment.

The carefully designed lighting for the environment provides more comfort and effectiveness to the users in all spaces, which contributes to a more productive and pleasant environment. The modern and functional architecture of this project stands out for its flexibility, adaptability, and integration between spaces, as well as the concern for the comfort and effectiveness of the users in all environments. This architecture aims to create a collaborative, harmonious, and productive work environment to meet everyone’s needs.

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