Year: 2016
Area: 12,175.83 sqm
Floors: 3
Type: Mixed Use
Location: Av. Presidente Juscelino Kubistchek – Itaim Bibi/SP
This was a challenging project as we had to consider various factors when creating the Juscelino Kubistchek Shopping Center. Located in a prime area of São Paulo, close to important competitors, the development needed to offer more than just a leasable gross area and good circulation conditions.
To achieve this, our first step was to study the surrounding area, understanding how people behaved, their consumption habits, and what local urban regulations required. We did not want to create just another shopping center in the region, but rather something that met the true needs and deficiencies of the public.

Based on this information, we proposed a park building with an inclined form that allows for a gradual transition from the urban landscape to the interior of the shopping center.

The street freely accesses the block, which becomes a park that surrounds the mall, creating a structure of continuity between the public and private spaces. The idea is that people feel part of the environment and create a sense of belonging to the location.

In addition, the Juscelino Kubistchek Shopping Center is a contemporary project where spaces and people mix and strengthen each other.
The building was designed so that the park becomes the roof of the mall, allowing nature to invade the interior of the shopping center and create a pleasant and inviting environment for visitors.

When considering the project, we also considered the complexity of the terrain and the region. We could not simply demolish the Extra Juscelino, a traditional development in the region, to create a mixed-use development. Thus, we opted to create a structure that harmoniously integrates with the surroundings, respecting existing buildings and creating a smooth transition between the new and the old.

The Juscelino Kubistchek Shopping Center is not just a commercial development, it is a space that values people and the urban environment around it. With its inclined form and surrounding park, the mall has become a unique place where people can have fun, shop, and appreciate nature at the same time.

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