Year: 2017
Area: 26,538.00 sqm
Floors: 4
Type: Shopping Center
Location: R. Conselheiro Moreira de Barros, 2,780 – Santana/SP
Santana Parque Shopping is a notable project by Lopes Dias Arquitetura in the retail sector. The building was abandoned and suffering from deterioration, vandalism, and flooded areas. A mapping project was carried out to understand the structural modulation, circulation, pedestrian and vehicle access, as well as to identify opportunities for improvement with municipal authorities.
The project proposal was to adapt and remodel the existing structure, expanding the main entrance to integrate the shopping center into the public space, creating a striking element in metal and glass structure with a projecting canopy that makes up the agora. With the addition of space at the entrance, the central span of the mall gains greater prominence, with a skylight cover and two new escalators to access the cinema rooms on the top floor.

In this span, a large rose window was designed inspired by the Fibonacci sequence as a marking element on the floor. The commercial area was also expanded for the gym, with a pillar-free area with cubed slabs and high ceilings. The five entrances to the shopping center are connected to the surrounding neighborhood through pedestrian and vehicle paths. The learning process was essential for the success of the project, and the LDA team acquired knowledge and experience to design dozens of other developments and deal with new challenges, exceeding their goals and evolving in the sector.
The remodeling of the existing structure, the expansion of the entrance, and the connection with the neighborhood through pedestrian and vehicle paths demonstrate Lopes Dias Arquitetura’s concern with the integration of the building into the urban environment. The rose window, besides being a marking element on the floor, is a reference to the balance of nature, which can be applied to architecture. The monitoring of the entire construction and post-occupation reflects the team’s commitment to the success of the development.

Santana Parque Shopping is an example of how architecture can transform an abandoned and deteriorated building into a notable development in the retail sector. The concern with the integration of the building into the urban environment, the use of striking elements, the versatility of commercial spaces, and the permeability of the lot are some of the points that make Lopes Dias Arquitetura’s project a success. The result was a notable development that exceeded the initial goals, evolved, and shared knowledge in the sector.

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