Year: 2016
Area: 22,568.00 sqm
Floor: 7
Type: Car Park Building
Location: Rod. dos Bandeirantes, Km 72 – Itupeva/SP, Brazil
In this project, the challenge presented was the significant increase in visitor flow to the Outlet Premium São Paulo, which resulted in the need for more parking spaces. To meet this high demand, we opted to design a car park building that could offer more parking spaces efficiently and at a feasible cost.
Furthermore, as the mall is located on a neighboring property, it was necessary to create a pedestrian bridge that could connect the car park building to the stores in a comfortable and safe manner for pedestrians. This pedestrian bridge was also designed to be used for the commercialization of temporary spaces and for event promotion.

For the construction of the car park building and pedestrian bridge, we sought quick, rational construction techniques with cost and execution control. We used precast concrete structures for pillars, beams, slabs, ramps, and stairs, which allowed for faster and more efficient execution and ensured greater precision in finishing.

The precast concrete structures also allowed for future expansion prediction if it is necessary to increase the number of parking spaces. Additionally, they were designed to minimize interference from electrical, hydraulic, and visual communication installations for a more organized and efficient execution.
Regarding circulation in the complex, the ramps were designed with sufficient width and comfortable slope for all categories of passenger vehicles. The pedestrian access stairs were also designed to be used as emergency escape routes if necessary.

Finally, to ensure comfortable and safe access for pedestrians, three elevators were installed that provide access to the pedestrian bridge level connecting to the Outlet. The pedestrian bridge, in turn, was designed with sufficient width to accommodate the high flow of people moving between stores and the car park building.

The car park building and pedestrian bridge design were intended to efficiently meet the specific demands of the property with cost and execution control, using quick and rational construction techniques. We hope these solutions have contributed to a more comfortable and safe experience for all Outlet visitors.

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