Year: 2022
Area: 3,600 sqm
Floors: 2
Type: Sports
Location: Dr. Francisco Ranieri Avenue / Santana / SP
The project in question was designed with the premise of meeting the needs of an increasingly health-conscious and wellness-oriented public.

To meet these needs, the space was planned to not only offer physical activities, but also to promote socialization through multidisciplinary activities that motivate and challenge, providing feelings of satisfaction.
In architecture, the infrastructure’s ability to accommodate various types of physical activities stands out, from simple daily activities to international Beach Tennis championships. With a specific structure for sand sports, the space is complete and meets different demands.

The upper pavilion has an arrival patio that distributes circulation, allowing for connection between the restaurant with terrace and view of the courts and access to the sports activities complex on the court floor and lounge. This arrangement allows the space to be fluid, accessible, and elegant at the same time.

In addition to integrating the large living area with lounge, bar, restaurant, and event area, the main roof has an innovative architectural design with water breaks that give movement and dynamism to the space. This characteristic, besides being aesthetically pleasing, provides a sense of modernity and sophistication.
The sports area consists of 10 sand courts, a functional training and physiotherapy gym, making the environment pleasant and integrated for all types of audiences. With this complete infrastructure, visitors have at their disposal a space that allows for the practice of different sports modalities, as well as offering support to athletes and sports enthusiasts who need specific care for the recovery and improvement of their skills.

The set of architectural elements present in the project makes the space complete and suitable for the demands of the most demanding clients. The arrangement of the areas, the integration between the activities, the beauty and modernity of the architecture, and the possibility of practicing various sports modalities are just some of the characteristics that make this space unique and attractive. The architecture of this space is designed to meet the needs of a public seeking health, wellness, and socialization. The complete structure, the arrangement of the areas, and the innovative architectural design are elements that make this space a reference for those looking for a complete and pleasant environment for physical activities.

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