Year: 2013
Area: 38,000 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Outlet Center
Location: Estrada do Coco, KM 12.5 – Camaçari/BA
Outlet Premium Salvador is a development that seeks to offer a new shopping experience to its customers. Located in an area with great tourist potential on Estrada do Coco, the shopping center has easy access and is attractive to both local residents and tourists. One of the main features of Outlet Premium Salvador is its concept of an open ground-level shopping center, which provides greater contact with the surroundings.
The project was designed to integrate the development into the natural and cultural landscape of the region, creating a pleasant and welcoming environment for its visitors. By using materials that seek a local reinterpretation, Outlet Premium Salvador presents an architecture that mixes rustic and simultaneously elegant materials in its purity in the final product. This choice of materials allows the development to harmoniously adapt to the surrounding environment, creating a unique identity for the shopping center.

Outlet Premium Salvador consists of 10 blocks, with 9 dedicated to shops and 1 main block for the food court. Each block was designed to offer a unique shopping experience to its customers.

For example, Block 5 presents itself in an imposing manner, designed to make the most of natural lighting and provide a pleasant atmosphere for visitors.
The outlet also has an events plaza with an arena and kiosks focused on typical regional commerce, offering entertainment and comfort to users. This space is ideal for cultural events and festivals, which can attract even more visitors.

With its innovative concept, architecture integrated into the local environment, and variety of shops and entertainment spaces, Outlet Premium Salvador is established as an important tourist attraction and a new milestone in the history of retail in the region.

Outlet Premium Salvador is also an example of a sustainable development, which seeks to minimize its environmental impact and contribute to the preservation of the local ecosystem. To achieve this, several sustainable measures were adopted in the design and construction of the shopping center, such as the use of sustainable construction materials and the implementation of rainwater harvesting and reuse systems.

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