Apartamento Maria Antonieta

Year: 2020
Area: 200 sqm
Floors: 1
Type: Residential
Location: Higienópolis Avenue, São Paulo/SP
LDA was challenged to renovate an apartment with the main goal of improving the connection between the spaces, creating divisions, and expanding circulation among them to ensure maximum comfort for the users. One of the main challenges faced by the team was the need to capture natural light into the apartment, as the neighborhood is surrounded by several buildings that limit the entry of light. To overcome this challenge, the architects used various strategies to maximize the entry of light without compromising the privacy of the residents.
To ensure user comfort, the team of architects created a service area, kitchen, and bathrooms, following accessibility standards and considering the needs of each user.

In addition, high-quality, durable, and easy-to-maintain materials and finishes were used, ensuring the sophistication and elegance of the project.

Minimalist aesthetics was the predominant choice in the composition of the spaces, combining with the proposal of integrating the environments. Each space received a specific furniture design, meeting the demands of different users and ensuring the functionality and practicality of the environment.

The monochromatic color palette was used throughout the apartment, bringing a sophisticated and elegant touch to the spaces. The stone floor and wood textures added a touch of color and ensured aesthetic harmony in the space.
Decorative elements and artworks were carefully selected in collaboration with the client to compose a decoration that conveyed a perfect harmony between the modern and the contemporary. This interaction was essential to create an environment that expressed the client’s personality and that was timeless.

The LDA architecture team did not limit themselves to the aesthetics of the project but also aimed to create welcoming and comfortable spaces where users could enjoy leisure and family time. For this, elements that added value to the apartment were incorporated, such as a wide circulation between the spaces, the creation of spaces to receive friends, and the transformation of spaces for different uses.

With the renovation, the apartment in Higienópolis gained a new life, with practical, integrated, and welcoming spaces that reflect the personality and needs of its users, valuing their functionality and comfort.

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