Year: 2022
Area: 4,320 sqm
Floors: 11
Type: Residential
Location: Parada Inglesa / São Paulo / SP
The focus of this building project was on architecture and integration with the urban surroundings in a region close to subway stations and an urban bus terminal in the northern region of São Paulo.

The terrain had a significant slope, which was utilized to create a vertical distribution of spaces and provide more natural lighting and ventilation to the apartments.
On the lower floors, close to street level, spaces were allocated for the garage and social areas such as a gym, pet place, communal laundry, lounge, coworking, and games. With this arrangement, the project created a welcoming and integrated environment among residents who can share experiences in common spaces.

The apartment layout was designed to offer flexibility to residents and allow for constant changes without compromising the natural light and ventilation provided by the building’s layout. Vertical and horizontal circulation was optimized to facilitate access to the units.

The rooftop of the building is an integrated leisure area, with a gourmet space equipped with a barbecue, solarium, and garden. This area is ideal for contemplation and integration among residents, who can use it for parties or on a daily basis. As it is in an elevated area compared to the neighbors, people can appreciate the city view and interact with the surroundings.
The privileged location of the building allowed for integration with urban mobility, with common areas dedicated to bicycle parking, electric car parking spaces, and shared vehicles. These initiatives promote the relationship between people and environmental sustainability, encouraging alternative and less polluting modes of transportation. The building project features a modern and innovative architectural style, with a clean and elegant facade that conveys sophistication and comfort to residents.

The arrangement of spaces and integration between common and private areas promotes a pleasant and welcoming experience for residents, with an atmosphere of socialization and community. The project for this building was conceived with modern architecture and integrated with the urban surroundings, prioritizing the flexibility of spaces and the interaction among residents. With a vertical distribution of spaces and an integrated rooftop, the building provides a unique and pleasant experience for its inhabitants.

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