Year: 2016
Area: 2124.74 sqm
Floors: 3
Type: Office
Location: R. Minerva – Perdizes/SP
The project in question consisted of a renovation and adaptation of existing buildings, which sought to connect two neighboring buildings, one already occupied by the company and the other unused until then. We developed a program of needs together with the employees of this Swiss multinational in Brazil, using the design thinking methodology to organize and readjust the necessary spaces for the best operation of the business.
The building was divided into four main sectors, with the lower areas of the buildings concentrating the storage area for products, packaging, and equipment, as well as the dispatch area for better control of the flow of incoming and outgoing products. In this way, we sought to optimize the company’s internal logistics. On the ground floor of the newer building, the reception area, auditoriums for lectures and training, as well as a coffee and events area with space for a buffet and a garden that brings a pleasant and bright atmosphere, were concentrated. In addition, we created an exhibition laboratory with windows to the coffee area, in order to propose an immersive experience of people with the company’s products. This area was designed to offer a welcoming environment and conducive to networking.

On the upper floors, we distributed the departments according to the flows and organizational chart previously defined with the employees, in order to facilitate and streamline communication between the departments. Thus, we sought to optimize workflow and improve interaction between company employees.
In the old building, we concentrated the administrative area, chemical laboratories, and technical assistance for equipment. Between the buildings, we proposed a sheltered metal walkway for the circulation of employees between the buildings for better integration between the areas and greater fluidity in internal movement. For the choice of finishes, we prototyped several models, in order to leave the building with a modern, free, and transparent language. The choice of materials also took into account durability and ease of maintenance.

The proposed renovation and adaptation project for existing buildings aimed to create a functional, comfortable, and welcoming space for employees, as well as to optimize workflow and improve integration between the different areas of the company. The choice of sustainable and durable materials, combined with the use of the design thinking methodology, allowed the project to be developed in an innovative and conscious way, taking into account not only the needs of the company, but also the impacts on the environment and society.

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