Architects have always had the challenge of clearly passing their vision of the project. For a long time these presentations were made in a traditional way through drawings, models, 3D models, videos, among other resources. However, during several presentations we identified the difficulty of our clients in visualizing three-dimensional spaces.

In Lopes Dias Arquitetura, Virtual Reality (RV) represents a new way of designing and experiencing our projects. RV now has the power to transport customers to the interior of three-dimensional models, giving them not only a sense of presence, looking at the environment in every direction they desire, but also the power to experience spatiality in a almost real on the human scale, being able to feel what that space gives him.

This new way of experiencing with the help of tools for RV, such as smartphones and virtual reality headsets, ensure greater engagement between client and architect as well as other benefits, such as saving time and cost during the design phase of the projects until even during the execution of the work.