Design Thinking

The human being and his activities are the parameter of all human creations related to architecture. Sacred or profane these activities have changed and changed every day, our ethical and aesthetic standards.

How to keep society and its changes connected? How to anticipate trends? How do you understand the needs of different stakeholders and at the same time have control over financial issues related to projects? How to be innovative and disruptive? So many questions and a myriad of possibilities to be explored.

Lopes Dias in 2015 decided to immerse itself in the world of design thinking, aiming to bring tools and creative techniques capable of meeting the most ambitious demands of the contemporary world. Our entire team has learned the value of empathy, how to co-create with our clients, and more, how to break the conventional boundary, with a single goal of reaching new heights of thought and simultaneously discovering new ways of expressing ourselves through architecture. We discovered that we are not only capable of creating these buildings, but also of empowering our partners to choose and resize their businesses. We do more than architecture, we build new visions of the world through a collaborative process, participatory and always focused on the human being.

We believe and apply Design Thinking in all our activities, in this way we are always looking at the world around us with the intention of transforming it, because life does not stop and the transformations lead us to new paradoxes, which must, in our way to see the world, be gifted with design to overcome the functional boundaries and make sense to the human beings of our time. We become ARQUI-DESIGN THINKERS.