In architecture, the model plays a fundamental role in the creative process of the architect for the planning, creation and communication of the projects. Through it, the architect expresses his ideas to the clients and other professionals involved, making real, albeit on a smaller scale, the idealization of the final project to be developed.

At Lopes Dias Arquitetura, we use the features of Augmented Reality to offer a deeper and more intense immersion during the presentation of projects.

Augmented Reality is an important tool used for initial study and analysis of the project, where we test various solutions. Then we use a more definitive model to present the final design features to our clients or other stakeholders involved. Its goal is to present a 3D model integrated in the real world, where the client and the architect can see the project from all angles and anywhere using devices such as tablets and smartphones.

In this way we are able to reduce time and high costs and at the same time we elaborate physical model, we can quickly update all the modifications during the development of the conceptual project and visualize details in the interiors of the model as well.

One of the biggest difficulties of the professionals who deal with the projection of spaces is to exceed the expectation of the client. The Augmented Reality in the architecture is able to anticipate the result through the immersion provided by the images bringing credibility and reducing the chances of doubts on the part of the clients, avoiding that errors are only perceived during the execution of the project or when it is already too late.